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Conventional wisdom says that technology change is exponential, giving us an ever-growing number of exciting new products. According to this view, we live in an unprecedented golden age of technological expansion. Not so, according to Future Hype.

Author Bob Seidensticker, who has an intimate understanding of technology on professional, theoretical, and academic levels, asserts that today's achievements are not unprecedented.


Bob Seidensticker

I learned how to program in high school in the mid-1970s, on a computer designed in 1962. It had four cubes of core memory each the size of a coffee cup (holding roughly 64K bytes) and two 10-megabyte disk drives each bigger than a car tire. Teletype terminals in the school connected to the computer with a 110 bit-per-second telephone modem. From that point to the present, I've taken a ringside seat and watched technology change with fascination.


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"[Seidensticker's] broad experience is quite in evidence with his insightful and compelling study, as he alerts his readers to the dangers of technology infatuation."


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