Praise for Future Hype

Future Hype has received some excellent reviews (below) and has been the subject of a number of interviews.

"Top 10 Technoculture Books for the Beach" from TechDigest (August 1, 2006):
Hype? In the technology industry? Perish the thought! Seidensticker takes a big stick and whups some of the assumptions made about technological change.

from Foreword magazine (August, 2006):
Seidensticker's hypothesis is convincing, provocative, and well supported with historical and contemporary examples.

from (July 7, 2006):
Future Hype is a very useful primer about the way in which technology has affected society. Seidensticker does a solid and entertaining job of documenting the rather empty bravura that surrounds technology and its unpredictable and often unexpected effects. It's a welcome addition to the burgeoning library of books about the rapid pace of change and one which provides a rather more sober and level headed overview.

from The Guardian (June 24, 2006):
Recommended reading for politicians and planners dazzled by technology.

from Chicago Sun-Times (June 20, 2006):
Future Hype provides ammo for technophobes, but it also offers perspective for the tech-friendly.

from The Register (June 7, 2006):
Future Hype is a good read, well written and argued, and loaded with interesting facts and figures--a worthy successor to Steven Schnaars' classic Megamistakes. Recommended.

from Midwest Book Review (June, 2006):
Future Hype is very strongly recommended reading for students of science and technology, popular culture and contemporary sociology, as well as non-specialist general readers interested in the impact of technology on their lives, their communities, and their future.

from Fast Company magazine (May 2006, p. 98):
An MIT grad and Microsoft vet, the author sets up and knocks down nine 'wrongheaded notions about technological change' in a book that's sure to top the counterintuitive charts.

from (May 23, 2006):
[Seidensticker's] broad experience is quite in evidence with his insightful and compelling study, as he alerts his readers to the dangers of technology infatuation.

from Bookviews web site (May, 2006):
For those who like to wrap their minds around large ideas, this book will prove quite interesting...

from CIO Insight magazine (April 6, 2006):
Seidensticker is endlessly entertaining.

from Question Technology blog (April 23, 2006):
... exactly the kind of level-headed skepticism we need more of.

from Across the Board magazine (March/April 2006, p. 70):
Seidensticker offers a framework for evaluating the impact of new technologies, and a thoughtful examination of how technology interacts with and affects society--that is, how we actually live. This is no Luddite screed--he just wants us to have perspective, so we'll be prepared for the next announcement of a revolutionary breakthrough.

from Library Journal magazine (May 1, 2006):
With this book, computer industry veteran Seidensticker fires a much-deserved shot across the bow of [the] technology spin doctors--be they marketers, journalists, academics, or public technology enthusiasts.... Unlike other books on this topic, Seidensticker's is not dense, dry, and boring. It is light, entertaining, and thought-provoking whether you fear, abhor, or worship technology.

A number of technology pioneers and analysts have also commented on Future Hype:

A must read for those who think the Internet changes everything.
--Bob Frankston, VisiCalc developer and computer industry pioneer

This level-headed and historically sophisticated view of the realities of technological change by a knowledgeable insider will be absorbing reading for early adopters, neo-Luddites, and everyone in between.
--Edward Tenner, author of Why Things Bite Back: Technology and the Revenge of Unintended Consequences and Our Own Devices: How Technology Remakes Humanity

Future Hype is a great antidote to the familiar boosterism about unprecedented technological growth. Seidensticker puts technological change into historical perspective, which enables us to measure progress against what we have known rather than against what we are promised.
--Henry Petroski, Aleksandar S. Vesic Professor of Civil Engineering and Professor of History, Duke University; author of Pushing the Limits and other books on engineering and design

... I need to give my sometimes-hopeless optimism a reality check now and then, which I did in reading Bob Seidenstickerís new book, Future Hype, which is a wonderful compendium of the way the world works, and not just the way it should work.... Future Hype is an important contribution to the skeptical literature.
--Michael Shermer, publisher of Skeptic magazine, the "Skeptic" columnist for Scientific American, and the author of Why People Believe Weird Things, The Science of Good and Evil, and Science Friction.

Bob Seidensticker draws a fine, dark, witty and kaleidoscopic picture of technology here. When heís done, we realize that dark side belongs not to technology, but to the people who misrepresent it and misuse it. The moral of his story is that we had better show greater respect for all the things that we, by our nature, are constantly compelled to build.
--John H. Lienhard, author of How Invention Begins: Echoes of Old Voices in the Rise of New Machines (forthcoming)

Future Hype takes us on a technological rollercoaster over a landscape of exaggerated promises and failed dreams. Required reading for journalists, teachers, business managers and, well, everybody else.
--A. K. Dewdney, author of Beyond Reason: Eight Great Problems That Reveal the Limits of Science and Yes, We Have No Neutrons: An Eye-Opening Tour through the Twists and Turns of Bad Science

A wise and clear-eyed book, Future Hype challenges the conventional wisdom about technological change and provides a fresh perspective on our so-called computer age.
--Nicholas G. Carr, author of Does IT Matter? Information Technology and the Corrosion of Competitive Advantage

Interviews and other Press

  • US News and World Report, Q&A by Alex Kingsbury, 4/10/06
  • Chicago Tribune, My Tech column by Alex Goldfayn, 4/3/06
  • Microsoft TechNet, Microsoft's podcast for IT professionals, 5/2/06 (audio)
  • Meme Therapy interview by Jose Garcia.  On the same site: "Brain Parade" discussions on alienation and democracy.  6/6/06
  • New Dimensions Radio hosted by Michael Toms, 7/7/06.  Beginning August 7, available by radio in over 400 communities around the US (and the world) for one week and available as a webcast for two weeks (look on the home page for "FREE LISTENING!").
  • Entrepreneur's Home Business Show with Paul and Sarah Edwards, webcast 2/21/06 (audio)
  • Business at Night with Rob Snow on CFRA-AM radio, Ottawa, Canada 3/9/06 (audio)
  • Dr. Andy's Poetry and Technology Hour on KDVS-FM, Sacramento, CA 3/15/06
  • The Morning Bulletin with Tommy B on KBUL-AM, Billings, MT 4/3/06
  • New Jersey Star-Ledger, article by Allan Hoffman, 4/9/06
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  • Something You Should Know with Mike Carruthers: audio and transcript, 4/17/06
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  • Getting Real About Technology by Bob Seidensticker, HR.COM, 5/8/06
  • Changesurfer Radio with Dr. James Hughes on WHUS and about a dozen other stations, 5/13/06.  Webcast hosted by the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies.
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  • Computer America with Craig Crossman on Business TalkRadio, 5/23/06
  • World of Work with Shep Cohen, WDVR-FM, Newark/New York, 6/30/06
  • RadioWest with Doug Fabrizio, KUER-FM, Utah, 7/5/06 (audio)

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